Skewer came to life in 2005, hailing from Barreiro (Portugal). Part of the first line-up were Valerio (Guitars/Vocals/Drums) and Telmo (Bass/Back Vocals). This line-up recorded a Demo in 2006, with a sound resembling the 90's Alternative Rock. This Demo was entitled "I Need Something Stronger", was recorded in February 2006 and was self-released in 500 copies. Most of these songs were composed by Valerio between 1994-1999. .

In the same year, the band toured nationally, with 25 concerts to promote the Skewer name and the new release "I Need Something Stronger". In June 2006, Joao Galrito joins the band as the bass player. In May 2007, the band begins the recording of a new EP, baptized "Whatever", with 6 searing Rock tunes. The line-up for this EP was: Joao Galrito (Drums), Valerio (Guitars/Vocals) and the new bassist, Ernani Carlos. .

With a lot of shows in Portugal, Skewer then focused on releasing "Whatever" and composing songs for the debut album. A video clip for the single "Stayed" gains shape. This first single gets a lot of airplay in international radios: Germany, France and over 20 other radios across USA such as Caya Radio (Colorado) and Undiscovered (New York), Spider Radio (Oklahoma). The single got a lot of attention in Portugal in various radio stations too such as: Sinfonias de Aço (Rádio Barcelos 91.9 FM), Santos da Casa (Rádio Universitária de Coimbra), Catedral do Rock (Popular FM 90.9), Ratio (Eco FM 104.8), Culto do Império (Lousa FM 95.3), XFM (Lisboa).

The Portuguese press then began to notice Skewer, and they add to their resume interviews with some newspapers, magazines and blogs such as: I-Music, Jornal Rostos, Jornal do Barreiro, Correio da Manha, Jornal 24Horas, Webbarreiro,, Santos da Casa, Margem Sul, ATrompa, Loud and Underworld. Brazilian magazines Rock Press, Rock Brigade and Mundo Rock also wrote about Skewer

Skewer releases "Whatever" in August 2007 as an author's edition (with digital distribution by the American CD Baby). In November, a contract is signed with the French Online Label Believe to officialise in January 2008 the online release of the "Whatever" EP, with the support of Virgin, who added Believe to their catalog). "Whatever" could also be found in Vodafone (UK) and Fnac Online (France), among other big online music

June 3, 2008 marks the releasing of the band's first videoclip, "Stayed", exclusively on MySpace Portugal's front page, 7th July the video premiers on TV along with the first TV appearance and interview in the popular youth-oriented show "Curto Circuito", on Sic Radical TV station. 31th July it is scheduled to air in MTV Portugal's "Head banger’s Ball" and "BRAND NEW". 27th August it is also scheduled to air in MTV Brazil’s "MTV LAB NOW”. October 30th The video is add in SUBMAG Tv (Germany)

The website 7Digital (Portugal) recommends Viva La Vida - Coldplay and Whatever SKEWER in front page. We are proud!! (September 2008)


Skewer was being featured on weekend’s “Road Trip” episode (10/24- 10/26/2008) of Undiscovered Radio! Listen on: KBRE in Merced, California; WOSC in Salisbury, Maryland; WEGW in Wheeling, West Virginia; WHBR in Parkersburg, West Virginia; WAMX in Huntington/Ashland, West Virginia; WAQX in Syracuse, New York; and WTFX in Louisville, Kentucky Four of affiliates stream their signal on-line so you can hear the show from anywhere (links on radio website) Undiscovered- we bring Indie music to broadcast radio!